“New Year, New Me!” Lol – Or not

I’m thinking I’ll try and blog frequently on here. I need an outlet to type shit out as I think of it. And today I’ve been thinking about the new year a lot!

Duh! It’s Jan 1st, of course I am. Unless you want to be technical, then it’s like almost over because it’s about 11:30pm as I’m typing this. Whatever.

So, I started writing where “Journey 220” came from in another blog, that’s sitting in draft form from like a month ago. And I’ll finish it and update it, and post it. But essentially I set out on a life-changing journey in July of 2014. I just happened to see on a Facebook memory of Jan 1st that same year, that I was talking about how Damien and I were going to get into great shape. I kept my promise that year, I did amazing!

And I’m gonna do it again. I’ve slacked off a lot honestly. I did that quite a bit last year, and luckily I still managed to stay in a smaller size than I was the year before, and 5 down from when I started. I still worked out more than not, and I still kept my nutrition on point about 80% of the time. SO, I didn’t do THAT BAD. But I didn’t do that good either. 😉

This year will be different! NEW YEAR NEW ME! That was 2016’s Social Media Motto. I find it hilarious. I don’t do new years resolutions anymore because I don’t necessarily keep them because it feels like I’m focusing on the negative. Instead, I set goals for the year. That’s much more positive!

This year, I intend to get back on the Keto wagon full board. I’ll be using MyFitnessPal and keeping closer track of my macros and EVERYTHING I consume. I’m also not allowing alcohol to be around anymore. I’ve had enough of it. It became a chore, and that’s an entirely new blog that will probably come out in another week. It’s a bunch of pointless calories, bad for my liver, and even worse on a keto diet. So – because I knew how bad it was, I allowed myself to not be so Keto the last few months, when the drinking increased. I’m pretty over it, and can stop just like that. I feel better without it, I sleep better, and hell I get to my goal faster! Day 1 down.

So, I did my best with what I got today. We have had a bunch of dogs here, so we’ve been up late for potty walks, feeding, meds, etc. Waking up early to do the rounds again, taking naps in between… We haven’t had a normal sleep pattern in about 3 or so weeks. Tomorrow life goes back to normal so I am going to make a big effort in getting to bed normal, to wake up normal, to live a normal life again.

And I’m going to begin some working out tomorrow, to start conditioning myself to it again. I haven’t been since October because of me injuring my knees.

This is turning into a ramble… I’m done. All you need to know is, I’m back on track today. I’ve only had about 16 carbs, total. I’m already jittery and coming off the sugar buzz. This next week will be me getting back to “normal”. Wish me luck.

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