I have been meaning to write a blog for years. I started so many times, and didn’t keep up with it. But, thanks to social media and the work that I’ve done for several companies – I see how useful it is.

And I talk a lot.

The purpose of this blog? Oh man… Well, all the dog stuff will be found Here at the Wey’s Pets site. And by ‘dog’ I mean everything having to do with my pet sitting and dog training / behavior business. That’s staying over there. This, here, is for life. Recipes & food mostly. But life in general. I have thoughts and I need to get them out somehow.

See, I have high-functioning anxiety. Or whatever they’re calling it to make it sound cool and legit. I have anxiety, and at time I do have little min panic attacks. Being a behaviorist and studying behavior & psychology all through high school and college… my intellectual mind knows differently so I can usually talk myself down, and continue with my day. But, I’ve noticed that there are some subjects that my mind keeps going to – so I figured why not just blog shit and that’ll help focus the crazy.

Oh, that, and I started eating Keto again Jan 1st, this year. Like 100% keto. That should help a lot (and yes I’ll talk about that here as well – that is, after all, part of ‘food and recipes’ isn’t it?). I’m all about mental clarity this year and not allowing negativity to get through. Yay for “Resolutions”!

And, Yay for you reading this! Thanks. I appreciate the fact that you are curious enough to know what goes on in my head. 🙂 I hope you enjoy.


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