About Me

My name is Amy Noble. Born and raised in the Bay Area, CA. I’m known for working with animals, dogs specifically. I’m an Animal Behaviorist who specializes in severe behavioral issues and aggression in dogs. But I guess you could say I take on all kinds of “tough cases” – no matter the species. 😉

I have done many things, and worn many hats. This would be my most recent hobby? Adventure? Project? Running my websites. I have been working on www.weyspets.com my business page, regularly for about 6 months (at the time of writing this – Jan 2017).

My plan for this site is to #1 – reconnect with past clients from years ago (This has been my domain since 2000, when my brother bought it for me originally). But to share my stories of weight loss, daily life, recipes, etc. It’s for fun, and a way for me to place my thoughts somewhere.

Thanks for reading! Happy New Year – Jan 1st, 2017!

Wey's Life: The Foods, The Pets & The Works